Our First CORNER-SHOP in a festival, with all our Collection !

Within the last five years, almost 100,000 visitors came to see artists and galleries from all over the world. Urban Art is now! In fact the huge variety of subcultural dynamics of the last 30 years in this melting pot is self-replicating. Terms such as “Low Brow”, “Illustration”, “Street Art”, “Graffiti”, “Graphic Design” or “Comic Art” are fused with classic notions of art as well as unconventional resources and are newly interpreted in a fresh, innovative and mostly postmodern context. This is art for the 21st century.

The STROKE Art Fair works as a parallel universe to the inflated classical artmarket of the “rich and beautiful”, driven by aggressive investement strategies, auctions houses and the greed for spectacular maximum prices. The goal is to establish an art-entry-market for both: the artist (gallery) and the interested buyer. The STROKE Art Fair presents young, emerging and the most important: affordable art. Beside known contemporary aspects, we set a focus on digital art, design and various other forms of urban lifestyle and culture.


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