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The Ruf mich an (Call me) art zine is a project part of  I buy porn a collaborative series of works between Helena Hernández and Alejandra Baltazares. Together, the berlin-based artists have been collecting amateur porn material purchased in a tiny suspicious shop in Berlin to create a series of works

Some of these series are Go Vegan! a limited edition recipe book containing illustrations (in collaboration with swiss artist Rafel Koller), recipes and porn photos;  Madonna made in Germany a found scrapbook made of Madonna magazine cutouts mixed with porn images and finally some individual projects such as Ruf mich an (Call me).

With a particular sense of humor, Ruf mich an is based on a collection of 35mm photos of tied women. Printed on different techniques, the photos remind to the aesthetics of the street poster, a particular feature of Berlin.

“Call me” (in german), is printed on the back of some of the original photographs next to an old phone number.However this is one of the few hints about the identity of the women in the images, the photographs likely date from the late seventies and judging by the shots one could guess that they were probably made under their consent. Some of them could be found as odd and humorous, the exaggerated terror gestures and a poor performance certainly give a sense of comedy. Nevertheless, they are still fascinating thanks to its disturbing elements.

For the artist, there is some similarity between the images in the newsstands in Mexico, where most of their contents are based on the so-called "men's magazines" and sensationalists news papers. Furthermore, the project also explores the particular relationship of the Germans with pornography; one of the largest producers of porn in the world.

While nowadays the internet provides easy access to pornography, the artist rescues analogue materials and turns it into a "collectible" product. 


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