3D Screen printing art by paula garrido
in collab with Saire studio

with live set from Gonzalo Pantoja.

"Encuentro Andino 3D" presents Paula Garrido´s artwork and RGB Lighting by art director Saire Studio (Nacho Pérez Kenchington). Hand made screen printed 3D textiles interact with RGB lighting and music, creating an immersive art experience. Visitors are also invited to control the light of the art pieces with a DMX controller.

Showing different landscapes and elements of the Andes, Garrido presents a message of conciousness about the actual situation of the planet and the enviroment, through the use of noble elements as the free waters, flora, fauna and minerals. The artwork is complemented with downloadable original soundtrack,collaboration between Arte Usable & Regional Label, with 24+ artists inspired in Latin America, transporting the spectators to different regions of America.


  G A L E R I E

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