SERIGRAFFEUR Galerie Präsentiert:


Silkreen Prints by Sudio KAMARGO (Hasselt, Belgium)

Vom 6. bis zum 28. März

ERÖFFNUNG 06. März ab 20 uhr
mit Live Performance und mix von RAVING MAD CARLOS

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Studio Kamargo is a Belgium based graphic design studio. Serigraffeur already had once the pleasure to exhibit Kamargo's independent silkscreened work, but in the particular context of our temporary gallery in Paris. So for our Berlin Public, it will be an exclusivity. In fact some of Kamargo's older works already has been in our Collection for quite a while now, and with a real popular success. The singularity of this work might be the contrast between the cold vector graphics, the energic pop compositions and colors, the humorous and surrealist subjects and -finally -the "human made" aspect of the silkscreen Posters.

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