CHEZ RITA la 3ème B.I.M.A.

Biennale Internationale de Multiples d'Artistes

Every two years, from every country, on every materials, all kind of artists. for the last B.I.M.A. some of the collectives selected in the springtime where so underground, that they have dissapeared in the winter. This time they put them into Salt, till december. The founder of this festival - Chito Chottin (too soon gone, may she R.I.P.), Saskia Hinrichs, and Bernard Agnias are often mentioned in international press as the avant-garde of the international counterculture, as well as very personal friends of SERIGRAFFEUR (since we are biologically born if you know what I mean) The first B.I.M.A. was also a big inspiration to put the theoretical foundations of our Gallery (a Manifest, sort of)

This is no Disney-underground here !


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